The Story

dad-army31-350x235Much progress has been made over the last couple decades regarding the research of the human brain. Unfortunately, we still do not have a cure for many cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Nevertheless, research has shown that regardless of age, the brain can basically restructure itself when challenged with new stimuli. This means that with the proper exercise, the brain has the ability to become more active and efficient.

The term that neuroscientists use to refer to this ability is “neuroplasticity” which is continuously being researched to understand how to reactivate or deactivate areas of the brain that are damaged. Over the last few months, the Clevermind team has been hard at work designing and building our iPad app based on this research. The app is designed to not only stimulate your brain with memory exercises, but to give it a break with individual entertainment options and social connections.

We are excited to announce that our new clevermind app is now available in the Apple App Store.

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