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Exposure to common flame retardants may raise the risk of papillary thyroid cancer

Some flame retardants used in many home products appear to be associated with the most common type of thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer (PTC),…
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Early-life BPA exposure reprograms gene expression linked to fatty liver disease

Exposure during infancy to the common plasticizer bisphenol A (BPA) “hijacks” and reprograms genes in the liver of newborn rats, leading to nonalcoholic fatty…
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Upcycling ‘fast fashion’ to reduce waste and pollution

The fashion industry and environmentalists are old foes, and the advent of ‘fast fashion’ has strained the relationship even more. But what if we…
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‘Peeling the onion’ to get rid of odors near wastewater treatment plants

Nuisance smells from sewage and wastewater treatment facilities are a worldwide problem. Finding and eliminating the sources of such unpleasant odors can be difficult….
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Making a ‘beeline’ past the blood-brain barrier for drug delivery

Most medicines can’t get through the blood-brain barrier, but certain peptides in animal venoms can navigate across it to inflict damage. Now, researchers are…
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A beach lover’s dream: A step toward long-lasting sunscreen

In a perfect world, people would diligently reapply suncreen every couple of hours to protect their skin from damaging solar radiation. But few people…
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No more ‘superbugs’? Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action

Antibiotics save lives, but there is a downside to their ubiquity. High doses can kill healthy cells along with bacteria, while also spurring the…
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Patients’ immune system may influence effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy

Nature of tumor-associated immune cells may explain why immunotherapy for head and neck cancer is more effective in some.

New Device Produces Hydrogen Peroxide for Water Purification

Producing and distributing hydrogen peroxide is a challenge in many parts of the world. Now scientists have created a small device for hydrogen peroxide…
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Beyond genomics: Using proteomics to target tumors

Pioneering methods to measure proteins that serve as tumor markers have been developed.

E-cigarette flavors linked to use in youth and young adults, researchers report

Flavored e-cigarettes and e-cigarette marketing could be increasing e-cigarette use among youth and young adults, according to researchers.

Preclinical research: More reliably predicting what will work

A recent study has shown that a more flexible approach to study design can significantly improve the efficiency of preclinical research.

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