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Monthly Archives: August 2016

New survey finds 75 percent of Americans think discrimination still an issue for women

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first woman presidential candidate of a major political party in the US, women continue…
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Habitat is a crucial factor in survivability of released tortoises

A team of wildlife experts has analyzed the effect of habitat quality on the survival and dispersal of released desert tortoises. Juvenile tortoises used…
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Increasing number of US adults using marijuana as fewer people perceive the drug as harmful

An increasing number of US adults are using marijuana, as fewer people perceive the drug as harmful, according to a survey of over 500000…
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Concerns over glutathione skin bleaching in the UK

Skin bleaching with the use of glutathione is on the rise, despite the potential ethical issues and adverse side effects associated with the practice,…
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Patients with cancer at heightened risk of injuries during diagnosis

Patients with cancer have heightened risks of unintentional and intentional injuries during the diagnostic process, reveal findings from a large study.

High alcohol intake associated with slightly decreased female fertility

Women who drink 14 or more servings of alcohol a week are slightly more likely to have reduced fertility, suggests a new study. In…
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Persistent childbirth pain increases risk of postnatal depression

New research shows that women who experience persistent childbirth pain are more likely to develop postnatal depression following the birth of their child.

Internet and mobile devices prompt positive lifestyle changes

When guided by internet programs or mobile devices, people can become more physically active, eat better, lose a little weight and reduce tobacco and…
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Scientists call for regulations for brain stimulation devices sold directly to consumers

———- Brain-Zapping Gadgets Need Regulation, Say Scientists and (Some) Manufacturers (IEEE Spectrum): “Just a few years ago, the idea of electrically stimulating your brain…
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Life thrived on young Earth: scientists discover 3.7-billion-year-old fossils

A team of Australian researchers has uncovered the world’s oldest fossils in a remote area of Greenland, capturing the earliest history of the planet…
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Study on multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis supports improved education of clinicians

A new study defines the current problems that lead patients to be misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the possible reasons why they are misdiagnosed.

Gaming for gut research

You may not think of yourself in this way, but in some ways your body is just a host for hundreds of trillions of…
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