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Enigma of coexistence of people with Rh+ and Rh- blood groups solved

A new study showed that incidence and morbidity of many diseases and disorders correlate negatively with frequencies of Rh+ heterozygotes (i.e. the carriers of…
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The Reel Truth: Senior’s Home Abuse Caught on Camera

PREVENTING ELDER ABUSE VIDEO: How important are cameras? How trustworthy are care facilities? While care professionals tend to be outstanding, self-sacrificing, hard-working and compassionate,…
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Ease the Stress

CARE VIDEO: SEE TEEPA SNOW on handling caregiver stress, brought on by challenging behavior. Read more »

I’m Not Gonna Miss You

MUSIC VIDEO + LYRICS: See Glen Campbell sing a beautifully intense song about his Alzheimer’s. Read more »

New elements recently added to periodic table

A physicist lays claim to being instrumental in the discovery of four new super-heavy chemical elements—atomic numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118—recently added to…
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Tiniest particles shrink before exploding when hit with x-ray laser

Researchers assumed that tiny objects would instantly blow up when hit by extremely intense light from the world’s most powerful X-ray laser. But to…
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Job growth, consumer spending to boost state and national economies

Job growth and consumer spending continue to grow and position Tennessee and the nation’s economies for a strong 2016, according to a new report.

Biologists develop method for antibiotic susceptibility testing

A team of biologists and biomedical researchers has developed a new method to determine if bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics within a few hours,…
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Shallow flooding reduces a major rice pest, researchers find

Shallow flooding of rice fields can help reduce rice water weevil populations during Florida’s growing season, between April and September, new research shows. Previous…
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Lab keeps cancer treatment radiation machines honest

As radiation sources used to map disease and attack cancer grow in number and complexity, experts continue to offer the last word on accurate…
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Understanding the magnetic sun

Scientists have turned to a combination of real time observations and computer simulations to best analyze how material courses through the corona.

Phase of the moon affects amount of rainfall

Satellite data shows that the moon’s gravity puts a slight damper on rainfall on Earth.

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