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What Dementia Hears

VIDEO: TEEPA SNOW presents the other side of dementia like no one else can. Learn what people with dementia hear when you talk, how…
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Travel distance is still a barrier to breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Long travel distances continue to be a significant obstacle to breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer, reports a new study. The researchers analyzed…
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3-D footage of nematode brains links neurons with motion and behavior

A new instrument has allowed researchers to capture among the first 3-D recordings of neural activity in nearly the entire brain of a free-moving…
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Parents can play a role in preventing teen fighting, research finds

With nearly one-fourth of teens reporting fighting in the past year, a new study finds parents, who are often left out of violence prevention…
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T cells that recognize HER2 teceptor may prevent HER2+ breast cancer recurrence

Recurrence of HER2-positive breast cancer after treatment may be due to a specific and possibly cancer-induced weakness in the patient’s immune system — a…
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Germany: Significantly fewer severely injured patients than in 2000

About 18,000 people are severely injured every year in Germany. Earlier investigations, in 2000 and 2006, estimated that more than 32,000 people sustain multiple…
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New method for better treatment of breast cancer

A novel imaging-based method for defining appropriateness of breast cancer treatment is as accurate as the current standard-of-care and could reduce the need for…
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New DFG Grant proposal for a software quality control able to stand the test of time

For a software to be maintained in an optimal condition, as well as in track of any necessary updates and innovations, it needs to…
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Beyond the US college student’s brain: A survey of priorities across geography and age

Beyond the US col­lege student’s brain: A sur­vey of pri­or­i­ties across geog­ra­phy and age from SharpBrains Researchers and inno­va­tors in North Amer­ica, Europe and…
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Thought of the Week: My Favorite Day

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.“It’s today.” squeaked Piglet.“My favorite day.” said Pooh. Read more »

Midnight Munchies for Dementia – New Years & All Year

CARE TIPS & TRICKS: While midnight snacks are refreshing on New Year’s Eve, they are even more wonderful on the midnight shift of dementia…
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