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To maintain lifelong mental acuity, avoid early retirement and repetitive jobs

This is your brain on retirement — not nearly as sharp, studies are finding (The Washington Post): “Retiring at 55 and spending the rest…
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Study: Brain training game can improve prospective memory and activities of daily living

‘Virtual Week’ brain game has potential to help older adults remain independent longer (press release): “An international team of scientists has demonstrated that just…
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Algorithm to 3-D print vibrational sounds

In creating what looks to be a simple children’s musical instrument — a xylophone with keys in the shape of zoo animals — computer…
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New finding will help target multiple sclerosis immune response

Researchers have made another important step in the progress towards being able to block the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases.

The sun is brightening, but not in China

Haze due to weak winds and air pollution is reducing surface solar radiation in China, which has major consequences for the climate, the environment…
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Entrepreneurial spirit can help communities better withstand trade shock

Communities with more self-employed workers can better withstand economic shifts caused by imports than communities that have fewer self-employed people, according to economists.

Older beats younger when it comes to correcting mistakes

Findings from a new study challenge the notion that older adults always lag behind their younger counterparts when it comes to learning new things….
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Place could impact health disparities more than race

African American and white men who live in racially integrated communities and who have comparable incomes have far fewer differences when it comes to…
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Guidelines on sharing individual genomic research findings with family

The first consensus guidelines on how researchers should share genomic findings in research on adults and children with other family members has now been…
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New technology can mine data from Instagram to monitor teenage drinking patterns

Instagram could offer a novel way of monitoring the drinking habits of teenagers. Using photos and text from Instagram, a team of researchers has…
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Meet the first Iberian lynx on the Iberian Peninsula

The remains of an Iberian lynx specimen which lived 1.6 million years ago — the oldest ever discovered — were found resting in a…
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Crayfish decline in Algonquin Park lakes linked to lack of calcium

Researchers have linked the localized near-extinction of a native crayfish species in four lakes in Algonquin Park to declining calcium levels. Crayfish shed their…
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