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Update: To succeed at school, children with ADHD need both medication and non-medication treatments

. Time for Sharp­Brains’ March e-newsletter, wrapping up this month’s key neu­ro­science studies, neu­rotech­nol­ogy news and brain fitness insights. Upcoming events Final 24 hours to join brain…
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Final 24 hours to join brain development & ADHD online course at early bird rates

Heads-up: early bird rates to register for How to Navigate Conventional and Complementary ADHD Treatments for Healthy Brain Development–our upcoming online course featuring Duke University’s…
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The Art of Holding Hands

CARE TIPS VIDEO: Here’s a care “twist” from dementia-professional Teepa Snow and talkshow-host Leeza Gibbons. We instinctively “caregive” by “giving” a hand. See why…
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Alive Inside: The Alzheimer’s & Music Movie

VIDEO & ARTICLE: Alive Inside is a stirring, magical, healing film. Watch music’s ability to fight memory loss & restore a deep sense of…
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Upcoming event: NeuroGaming + ESCoNS Summit 2015 (May 5–7; San Francisco)

. Heads-up about a great upcoming event. The NeuroGaming 2015 Conference and Expo on May 6–7 is the place where mind and body meet…
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8 Sessions of Mindfulness Training Helps Dementia & Caregiving

Mindfulness is a modern type of meditation and concentration. In a key study, Mindfulness Training was shown to brighten outlook on life for people…
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Thought of the Week: Perseverance & Spirit

<!– –> Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages. George Washington Read more »

In Alzheimer’s, Plaque is the Cargo, Tau is the Driver

VIDEO + ARTICLE: For 25 years, researchers tried curing Alzheimer’s by clearing amyloid plaque. While plaque is a problem, is it merely Alzheimer’s cargo,…
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"For the first time I think we have a chance to really change the course of Alzheimer’s."

VIDEO: “For the first time I think we have a chance to really change the course of Alzheimer’s disease,” says Dr. Reisa Sperling. She’s…
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B. Smith Goes to Washington: "I’ve Got a Lot To Do In My Future"

VIDEO: Restaurateur B. Smith testifies before a Senate committee on the need for more research on Alzheimer’s Disease. Read more »

Dignity, Dementia & Pleasant Events

CARE VIDEO: A person with dementia is still a person with dignity and rights. Where do I, as a caregiver, draw the line between…
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3 Reasons Doctors Don’t Tell Patients They Have Alzheimer’s

VIDEO + ARTICLE: Every 67 seconds, someone in the USA develops Alzheimer’s. According to a new study, as many as half of them may…
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